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About us
New in assortment
    Disposable mopsystem
Factory Outlet Center
    Roll-, Mopping Buckets
    Cloths and Mopps
    Miscellany sales
01 Mops
    Kentucky mops
    Flat mops
    Mop clamps
    Flatmop holders
    Disposable mopsystem
02 Dust removal
    Mop covers
    Mop cover frames
    Dust cloth holders
    Dust cloths
    Dust removal Miscellany
03 Moppingbuckets
    Miini mop buckets
    (Roll-)Mopping buckets
    Mopping bucket Chrome
    Buckets Miscellany
04 Trolleys
    Trolleys chrome
    Trolleys plastic
    Hotel trolleys
05 Wringers
    Kentucky-mop wringer
    Flatmop wringer
    Roll wringers
06 Window Cleaning
    Window squeegees
    Extension Poles
07 Cloths & mittens
    Cloths nonwoven
    Cloths microfiber
08 Sponges & Pads
    Pad holders/pads
09 Sprayers
    Hand sprayers
    Compression sprayers
10 Scrapers
    Glass- and floorscrapers
11 Brooms & brushes
    Brooms and brushes
    Hygienic Brooms
    Wire brushes
12 Handles
    Telescopic poles
13 Miscellaneous
    Warning signs
14 Cleaning Machines
    Single disk machines
    Accessories single disk
    Machine pads
    Automatic Scubbers
    Vacuum cleaners
    Accessoires v. cleaners
    Dry vacuumcleaners
    Sludge liquid pump
Terms of delivery

About us

O F F I C E 

Exive International B.V.
Kelvinstraat 12
6902 PW Zevenaar
Tel: 0031-316-343748

KvK: 63703270
BTW/ VAT identification: NL855362327B01
Bankrelatie: Deutsche Bank 44.5004.738
IBAN: NL07DEUT0445004738


Exive Head office

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E X I V E ,   Y O U R   P A R T N E R   I N   C L E A N I N G   E Q U I P M E N T 



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A   W O R D   F R O M   T H E   F O U N D E R 

Exive International B.V.

Accessibility, respect, partnership: this make us stand out.

The foundations of Exive International B.V. were laid in 1985. As a starting wholesale company in Cleaning Equipment, we soon discovered a need for safe and trustworthy supply of wholesalers also active in this branch. After a short transitional period, where 2 goals were served, the decision was made to solely focus on supplying the wholesale sector. This, self-imposed command, resulted into the definitive change of the Exive image: from competitor to reliable partner.

The growing world economic crisis, had almost no effect on our vitality and expansion. The insights and flexibility of Exive became more clear. Exive was one of the first companies in its branch, stepping into purchase from overseas producers, thus providing a better competitive position for her customers. These insights and adjustments on assortment, plus ways of applying modern means of communication towards our customers, has created a firmly anchored company. However, never losing sight nor respect of the human way to do business.

Now the time has come to instigate a rapid deployment. The sales market has extended, Exive delivers her assortment throughout Europe. Exive informs her customers about new items and practices with a renewed digital information bulletin named “Exive Informative”, released on a periodical base. The website will become a handy tool for our customers, a carefully composed reference “book” to aid and promote our customers sales.

Exive belongs, in terms of assortment type and volume, to the top of Dutch importers. A healthy organization must generate profit, but foremost Exive will generate profits to be able to invest in new items and stock. Delivery reliability towards our partners is of paramount importance.

We would like to conclude by sharing with you how very proud we are to have been at the helm of this remarkable company since 1985. However, without the team of seasoned executives and passionate and experienced employees, it would have been impossible to realize the growth and stability of Exive International B.V. and we would like to thank all our team members most heartily for their dedication. We also express our thanks to our customers, of which some go well back to the beginnings. Our accessibility and respect for our customers profitability, offers you a rendering partnership. We have poured our collective heart and soul into our success, and it is with great confidence and enthusiasm that we begin this momentous new phase in our growth.

Partnership with care for your profitability = If you are doing well, Exive will be doing well

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E X I V E ,   Y O U R   P A R T N E R   I N   C L E A N I N G   E Q U I P M E N T 



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O U R   C O R E   B U S I N E S S 


Our corebusiness

Stock keeping is the core business of Exive, the basic assortment, composed with great care and continuously kept up to date, is directly deliverable from stock.

Besides this basic assortment, Exive also delivers specials, like private label, personalized- cleaning equipment, machines or relevant items, specific or for certain applications or sectors. We can assist you with the development of your own designs. Our experienced personnel will assist you and can advise you if indicated with the possibilities available.

For more information we cordially invite you to visit our website on . For more detailed information and/or quotations we kindly ask you to contact us directly at:

Our mission
To be a reliable supplier of desired quality cleaning equipment and related products to wholesalers in Europe. And to build and maintain sustainable relationships with respect for profitability of our customers.

Our value
We take time to listen to the specific needs of our partners, to understand them and to be able to anticipate.
We feel responsible for the business of our partners.
We closely work together with our partners to exceed the expectations of their customers, each day and everywhere.
We are continuously searching for renewals and improvements which make the business of our partners more profitable.
Delivery reliability, combined with rapid dispatch thru the whole of Europe.
Rapid deliveries in The Netherlands: ordered before 12.00AM, dispatch the same day.

Social and Corporate social
Knows her producers and aims at durability.
Sponsor of young fencing-sport talents in The Netherlands.

All this above makes us your partner instead of supplier.

Exive International B.V.
Partner in cleaning equipment
We respect your Profitability

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S P O N S O R I N G 

Why did Exive International B.V. choose to sponsor the Scaramouche fencing sportsclub?

The sport fencing, has a good image. Fencing is a modern, challenging Olympic sport, for everybody. A sport connecting people and distinctive by fair play. Fencers and fencing fans forms a varied target group, of youth, seniors and veterans up to enthousiastic parents on the tribune. Scaramouche is a well respected and well known name within the fencing world. Scaramouche is a renowed and well respected sports club with a rich history, founded in 1954, has a familiar character and had brought forth several fencing internationals with appealing successes and ambitions.

Exive supports the development of young sports talent.

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