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Terms of delivery

Roll wringers

R O L L   W R I N G E R   F O R   M I C R O F I B E R   C L O T H 

Exive-Nr.: 392025
Plastic Roll-wringer for cleaning-cloths. Blue
Suitable for affixing on buckets ( 6 and 12 ltr.)


Microroll roller wringer 4550

Naar boven

This Roll-wringer is exclusively developed for the mechanical squeezing of Microfiber Cloths.

The employment of this type of Roll-wringer, within the professional- and institutional cleaningbranche, there where the best possible cleaningresults are pursued, guarantees the correct and best possible moisture degree suitable for Microfiber cloths.
Moreover, the ergonomical design will reduce the pressure on the joints, therefore giving the possibility to reduce absense by sickness.
This italian-design product is a standard stock item and will be offered to you at a competitive wholesale price.

Naar boven

Suitable 6 ltr. buckets: red, blue, green or yellow for affixing Roll wringer

Exive-Nr.: 950200 bucket blue
Exive-Nr.: 950009 bucket red
Exive-Nr.: 950021 bucket yellow
Exive-Nr.: 950015 bucket green

Suitable 12 ltr. buckets: red, blue of green for affixing Roll wringer

Exive-Nr.: 941526 bucket blue
Exive-Nr.: 440211 bucket red
Exive-Nr.: 440212 bucket green


Naar boven

R O L L - W R I N G E R   F O R   F L A T M O P S 

Exive-Nr.: 941559
Plastic/stainless Roll-wringer for dry-squeezing Flatmops.


Naar boven

R O L L   W R I N G E R   F O R   F L A T M O P S 

Exive-Nr.: 940603
Roll wringer with bucket and footpressure-control


Mop Bucket

Naar boven

Roll wringer with bucket for flatmops, type Marine

Bucket 14 ltr., made of durable plastic with carrying-handle. Single use as (flat)mopping bucket, fits every broom closet, but also perfectly suitable for many types of trolleys.
Carton size: 55,2x38x41,5cm.

PU carton 1 piece

Naar boven