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A L U M I N U M   H A N D L E S 

A vast assortment (aluminum-)handles in 22mm and 23,5mm

Aluminum handles , 22mm,
profile 1,3 mm. with 2 holes.
Itemnumber: 942383
140cm grip blue PU carton a 25 pieces.
Itemnumber: 942360
150cm grip blue PU carton a 30 pieces.

Aluminum handles 23,5 mm profile 1,3 mm. 3 holes.
Itemnumber: 942380
140cm grip blue PU carton a 20 pieces.
Itemnumber: 941542
140cm grip red PU carton a 20 pieces.
Itemnumber: 942370
150cm grip blue PU carton a 30 pieces.
Itemnumber: 942371
150cm grip red PU carton a 30 pieces.
Itemnumber: 942372
150cm grip green PU carton a 30 pieces.

Aluminum handles 143cm., with srewthread profile 1,3mm
Itemnumber: 942384
grip blue PU carton a 30 pieces.
Itemnumber: 942390
grip red PU carton a 30 pieces.


Handle aluminium

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Handle aluminium

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M E T A L   H A N D L E S 

Metal handles for mini(spanish)mops or brooms and brushes with screwthread.

Itemnumber: 941650
Metal handle, white coating, with screwthread. PU pack a 24 pieces
Itemnumber: 601750
Avantgarde metal handle, lacquered, with screwthread 150cm grey/green

Handle for Dustmop frame Profi grande 120 & 160cm
Itemnumber: 451320
Handle with exclusive quickfix connection. PU carton a 20 pieces.


Hanlde metal

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H Y G I E N I C   H A N D L E   F O R   B R U S H E S 

Hygienic aluminum handle, diameter 32mm, upholstered and with tool hook, suitable for connecting hygenic brushes assortment. Will fit comfortably on Vikan and FBK brushes.

Itemnumber: 701591
Aluminum handle 150cm upholstered, blue (7054)
PU carton a 10 pieces


Handle for hygienic assortment

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