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Terms of delivery


W A X   A P P L I C A T O R   B A S E 

Waxapplicator base with hinge joint and universal handle connection.

Itemnumber: 404690
Aluminum Waxapplicator 40cm. diam. 23,5 mm. without handle.

PU carton a 50 pieces.


Aluminium wax appicator

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W A X A P P L I C A T O R - S L E E V E 

Waxapplicator-sleeve, white. PU carton a 100 pieces.

Itemnumber: 404691
Matching waxapplicator-sleeve 40 cm.


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R A I N B O W   D U S T E R 

Rainbow dusters

Itemnumber: 601045
Rainbow duster with fixed handle 66cm. PU carton a 100 pieces

Itemnumber: 601044
Rainbow duster with telescopic handle 90-120cm. PU carton a 100 pieces


Duster rainbow

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I N T E R I O R   F R A M E   F L E X I B L E 

Interior dustframe, flexible, exchangeable grip and microfiber-cover.

Itemnumber: 702080
Interior frame (frame and grip only), flexible, exchangeable grip. PU carton a 50 pieces

Itemnumber: 702061
Microfiber cover for Interior-frame, blue colour. PU carton a 10 pieces


Interior frame

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L O N G   H A N D L E   D U S T P A N   &   B R U S H   S E T 

Long Handle Dustpan & brush set, with cover-lid

Itemnumber: 140441
Plastic Long Handle Dustpan & brush set, black with cover-lid, aluminum handle with broom 88cm.

PU carton a 6 pieces



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S Q U E E G E E S 

Galvanized floor squeegee, natural rubber, with embankment and reinforced.

Itemnumber: 624240
Floor squeegee reinforced 45cm.

Itemnumber: 624241
Floor squeegee reinforced 55cm.

Itemnumber: 624242
Floor squeegee reinforced 75cm.

PU carton a 10 pieces


Floor squeegee

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S P O N G E S   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   6 0   G R A M 

Itemnumber: 470110
Stainless Steel scouring sponge 60 gram.
PU carton a 50 pieces


Stainless steel sponge

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M I C R O F I B R E   C L E A I N I N G   M I T T E N S 

Microvezel cleaningmittens.

Itemnumber: 702064
Blue standard elastic fastening, PU packet a 10 pieces
Itemnumber: 702068
Red with lining and elastic fastening, PU packet a 10 pieces
Itemnumber: 702063
Blue with lining and cord fastening, PU packet a 10 pieces
Itemnumber: 702065
Re with lining and cord fastening , PU packet a 10 pieces
Itemnumber: 702066
Glass cleaningmitten lightblue, elastic fastening, PU packet a 10 pieces
Itemnumber: 702067
Glass cleaningmitten white with wadding, elastic fastening, PU packet a 10 pieces



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C O N S T R U C T I O N - , W I N D O W   C L E A N I N G   B U C K E T ,   P L A S T I C 

Itemnumber: 420310 Bucket 12 liter black
Itemnumber: 420312 Bucket 12 literr red
Itemnumber: 420313 Bucket 12 liter blue
Itemnumber: 420314 Bucket 12 liter green


Construction-,window cleaning bucket, plastic

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P R O F E S S I O N A L   W I N D O W   C L E A N I N G   B U C K E T ,   P L A S T I C 

(Industrial) Windowcleaningbucket, features: strong, tall & high, black. PU 12st pack.

Itemnumber: 420307
Bucket tall/slim model. Very strong! Capacity10 liter


Professional Window cleaning bucket

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B U C K E T   R E C T A N G U L A R ,   W H E E L S ,   G R I D   &   S I E V E 

Plastic bucket rectangular 20 liter, on wheels. With grid, sieve and metal carryingbracket.
PU carton a 5 pieces.

Itemnumber: 940830
Bucket on wheels, 20 liter, grey, with grid and sieve


Bucket rectangular, wheels, grid & sieve

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B U C K E T   R E C T A N G U L A R   2   C O M P A R T M E N T 

Itemnumber: 940829
Bucket double compartemented. PU carton a 5 pieces


Bucket rectangular 2 compartment

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T O O L B O X 

Itemnumber: 921550



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