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Terms of delivery

Accessoires vacuum cleaners

A C C E S S O I R E S   V A C U U M   C L E A N E R S 

Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner accessoiries.

Itemnumber: 922355 Suction-crevice tool 36mm
Itemnumber: 922369 Suction-crevice tool 38mm
Itemnumber: 922357 Round Suction-dusting tool 36mm for dry use.
Itemnumber: 922371 Round Suction-dusting tool 38/40mm for dry use.
Itemnumber: 922376 Suction Nozzle 30 - 37mm vario universal combi with wheels, for dry use.
Itemnumber: 940504 Suction Nozzle 38mm for dust, with wheels.
Itemnumber: 940510 Suction Nozzle 36mm (wet) with wheels. Straight tube attachement.
Itemnumber: 940500 Suction Nozzle for water, without wheels.
Itemnumber: 940506 Suction Nozzle for water, whith wheels
Itemnumber: 940351 Tube 36mm chrome, 2-piece straight model
Itemnumber: 940502 Tube 38mm S model 2-piece
Itemnumber: 156099 Suction Nozzle 50mm aluminum on wheels for straight tube, 40cm width
Itemnumber: 156100 Suction Nozzle 50mm aluminum on wheels for straight tube, 50cm width
Itemnumber: 156101 Suction Nozzle 50mm aluminum on wheels for straight tube, 60cm width
Itemnumber: 922374(S) Suction hose 38mm per meter.
Itemnumber: 922359 Hose socket 36mm (hose-tube side)
Itemnumber: 922372 Hose socket 38mm (hose-tube side)
Itemnumber: 922372 Hose socket 50mm (hose-tube side)
Itemnumber: 922361 Hose swivel 36mm (tank-side)
Itemnumber: 922373 Hose swivel 38mm (tank-side)
Itemnumber: 922396 Hose connection socket 36mm
Itemnumber: 922405 Hose connection socket 38mm
Itemnumber: 922364 Hose 38mm 2,5 meter complete with socket/swivel



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E X C H A N G E - S Q U E E G E E   F O R   ( G H I B L I - ) W A T E R S U C T I O N   N O Z Z L E 

Itemnumber: 922375 Exchange squeegee for watersuction nozzle (ghibli-model)


Rubberset for nozzle

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S U C T I O N - T R A I N 

Itemnumber: 922330 Suction-train for wet & dry vaccuumcleaner JM775 & BF591


Fixed front nozzle complete

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B Y P A S S   M O T O R   1 0 0 0   -   1 2 0 0   W 

Universal Bypass suctionmotors.

Itemnumber:110101 Universal Bypass motor 1000 - 1200 Watt VPU carton a 6 pieces. Fits almost all Wet & Dry vacuumcleaners.

Itemnumber: 110153
Universal Bypass motor 230V 1000w 50/60Hz 2-stage, Tangential (exhaust-pipe)

Itemnumber: 110150
Universal Bypass motor 230V 1000w 50/60Hz 1-stage, Tangential (exhaust-pipe)

Itemnumber: 110152
Universal Bypass motor 230V 1000w 50/60Hz 3-stage, Tangential (exhaust-pipe)

Itemnumber: 110151
Universal Bypass motor 24volt 2-stage, with inlet-pipe

Universal Bypass motor 36volt Lamb 3-stage, standard


Bypass motor 1000 - 1200 W

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B Y P A S S   M O T O R   1 0 0 0   -   1 2 0 0   W 

Packing of suctionmotor 110101


Bypass motor 1000 - 1200 W

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